Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps

On Thursday, June 28, Rob had the opportunity to attend a Drum & Bugle Corps show in Medford, Oregon. The show featured three DCI World Class corps, including Rob's alma mater, the Blue Knights of Denver.  Though still early in the summer season, all three corps were really impressive. The precision marching, tightly-choreographed color guards and drum lines, and the face-peeling brass crescendos brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes.  The Blue Knights have always been one of the more enigmatic and athletic corps, preferring complex music and head-spinning drill design over the more traditional jazz and pop music, and geometrical drill shapes, of other corps.  This year's show, Avian, is very avant garde, with highly complex music and a very difficult field show.  While not as easily "accessible" a show to the average fan, the Blue Knights are undoubtedly gambling on impressing the judges with the complexity of their show, assuming they can perfect it in time for the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis in August. 

Below is a recruiting video I found online for the Blue Knights.  I was a BK member from 1987-1989, both as a member of the hornline (euphonium) and as Drum Major in my final year.

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