Karen and Rob fulfilled a long-time dream in November 2004 when we spent 10 days visiting the Antarctic Peninsula aboard the M/V Orlova.  The wildlife and scenery were truly spectacular, and simply being in such a remote place visited by so few people was awe-inspiring.  Below are some of the better photos we took during our once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the White Continent.

The Drake Shake
Pack Ice Near the Shetland Islands

Chinstrap Penguins

Karen on Half Moon Island

Chinstrap Penguins and M/V Orlova

Weddel Seal

Antarctic Shag (Cormorant)

Cape Petrels eating Krill

Ruins of Deception I. whaling station

Rob & Karen at Neptune's Window

Rob sets foot on Antarctic Continent

Gentoo Penguins

Happy Holidays!

Adelie Penguin

M/V Orlova

In the Zodiac

Clown Colony

Antarctic shoreline

Iceberg Cruising

"Bergy Bit"
A Day at the Beach
Ice Sculpture
Chilean Post Office
"Ay, Caramba! It's cold out here!"
Ushuaia, Argentina - (almost) home at last!