In March 2009, Rob and German friend Klemens Steiof embarked on a 10-day birding adventure to Oman, a sultanate located at the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Our ambitious itinerary, and trusty AVIS rental car, took us from the far north, along Oman's border with the United Arab Emirates, to Mirbat, Salalah and Al Mughsayl in the far south, just a few miles from Yemen. Along the way we stayed in a wide range of accommodations, from mid-grade hotels to fleabag truckstops to several nights camping in a tent in the desert. In the end, Rob tallied 176 birds, including 73 new "lifers." This was also Rob's first visit to an Arab country, so although our main focus was birds, the human culture we encountered proved equally fascinating.

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